General Rules


1. Hunting Agency "Chasspol" is the agency between the manager and the client hunting area in the organization, implementation and settlement of hunting in Poland and abroad, according to the concession of the Minister of the Environment. Natural Resources and Forestry, No. 261, Office of Hunting "Chasspol" is registered in the Central Register of Permits Regional Office in Zielona Gora, No. 15,
2. Hunting Agency "Chasspol" sells hunting for foreigners in the acquisition of its own, as well as through other travel agencies,
3. Hunting Agency "Chasspol" offers customers the amount and types of animals to be hunted in the hunting districts proposed by the lessee of land under the terms of this agreement
4.In fisheries provided for hunting should be hunting for hunters pause for 14 days prior to the hunt. It is unacceptable in a parallel hunt hunters hunting ground of foreign and domestic
5.Used during hunting hunting equipment and vehicles must be technically efficient and ensure full security of their users. The costs of accidents related to poor technical condition of equipment charged to the trustee area.


1. Hunting Agency "Chasspol" is not responsible for cancellation of entire events, changes in the programs of events resulting from force majeure (natural disasters, strikes, disaster communication, death or illness attendees
Second If a foreign hunter will be shot during the close season game with or without the consent of podprowadzającego, Office of Hunting "Chasspol" Wheel of extra pay a penalty according to the price list, provided entry to the minutes of hunting because "hunting incorrect – is punishable."

1.The basis for the settlement of claims for hunting is hunting protocol specifying the type, quantity, weight or dimensions of the actual trophy, shooting a thick game, shots off the mark, the provision of residence and any additional services. Protocol is drawn up in three copies in Polish and in a language understood by the client (the original is replaced by the next hunting, copies of foreign hunter, Hunting Agency "Chasspol"). Minutes prepared and signed by a foreign hunter, pilot event or representative offices Hunting "Chasspol" and authorized representatives Wheels – equivalent to the rights of the parties.


1. Hunters coming to hunt are insured by the Office of Hunting "Chasspol" from liability for damage caused to third parties in respect of hunting performed. Possible post-accident records shall hunt organizer,
2.Foreign hunter is obliged to adhere strictly to the Polish law on the exercise of hunting. In the case of non-compliance – especially staying safe on the hunt – Hunting Circle has the right to exclude hunters from hunting or in drastic cases stop the hunt. In this respect, the hunter will not be entitled to any compensation law – force an entry in the minutes of hunting,
3.Before you start hunting organizer must check if the hunter has a current, valid in your country, hunting license. No hunting license makes it impossible to carry out,

4. Male deer hunting me should interfere with the selection criteria.
5. The fee will be charged for shooting only when nieodnalezienia game. Organizer hunt hunter must provide evidence of injury in the form of paint, bones or cuttings,
6. If you find a piece shot will be counted only charge according to the value of trophy hunting.


First Weighing and measuring trophies crafted to be carried out after 24 hours of drying under normal conditions. Weighing or measuring trophy hunting organizer conducted in the presence of a foreign hunter and remote events. In the event of early termination of hunting trophies weighing should be done just before leaving the hunter. In this case, the protocol is part of the actual weight of the trophy without any discounts for drying,
Second Obtained trophies male deer weighed the uncut full skull, nasal bone, with no lower jaw. Trophies must be processed and disinfected 30% Perchlorate, a hunter hunting before leaving certificate should be issued confirming the preparation is. Weight trophy bull elk deer and determined with an accuracy of 1 ounces, deer stag up to 1 g of the size of the deer weighed 90 g subtracted,
3rd If a hunter takes a head hunted, determined the weight of the head and the estimated weight or dimension trophy. When the length of the visible sabers are multiplied by 3,
4th In addition to specific price list hunter hunting trophies may with the consent of the organizer and to take additional charge of fisheries and export duty free carcass and skin prey on condition of entry in the minutes of the hunt. The duty of the trustee in this case is to get the existing, certified by a licensed veterinarian health certificate and forward it to the hunter before leaving the fishery,
5th If the hunter leaves the foreign earned trophies in Poland (not export them after the hunt), this fact must be clearly noted in the item. "Notices"
6th Protocols do not enter any gifts or items purchased by the hunter.


Any complaints regarding the organization of foreign hunters and implementing hunting, accommodation and food conditions, the value of trophies, hunting organizer personnel or the pilot will be considered by the Office of Hunting "Chasspol" provided that they are provided to the pilot or hunt organizer in writing before signing the minutes of the hunt and the attention of the inquiry will be placed in the minutes before signing..