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Markhur or goat screwdriver (Capra falconeri) A species of mammal from the beef family, closely related to the domestic goat. At the withers Reaches a height of 80-100 cm, the torso with its head reaches a length of 1.4-1.8 m, while the tail About 8-14 cm. Males reach a weight of up to 110 kg, while females up to 40 kg. Markury The screws are inhabited by mountains in northeastern Afghanistan, Northern India (Jammu and Kashmir), south-west Tajikistan, Southern Uzbekistan and northern and central Pakistan. Only a few licenses per year will allow hunters from all over the world to be counted To obtain this mammal mammal.International Union of Nature Conservation passed The markers for species of close threat of extinction and placed them in the NT category (Near threatened). Estimated figures speak of total population size. Population of 9700 individuals, including about 5800 adults.

Height 1500-2500 Hunting driveway + walking. Season november – December.

  • Stay 7 days / 5 days hunting
  • Hunting organization
  • Transport in the fishery
  • Insurance
  • Preparation of trophies
  • Care of a specialized escort
  • Accommodation and full board in a comfortable hunting camp
  • License and license to import weapons
  • Travel and stay with the Chasspol Hunting Bureau